Wooden docks and boats on the lake
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On The Lake - On the Lake

Nestled amidst the serene environs of Lake Massawippi, our property's identity is inextricably linked with the surrounding waters, rolling hills and verdant forests. Soak in the breathtaking landscapes, encounter diverse wildlife, and create lasting memories as you navigate the picturesque lake and shorelines.

Two canoes by the lake

Journey on the water

Explore the lake by kayak, canoe or paddleboard. Discover hidden creeks and shoreline wildlife as you glide through the serene waters, propelled by the rhythmic motion of your paddle.

A fisherman shows off his catch

The art of angling

Fish for grey, brown and rainbow trout, landlocked salmon, yellow perch, bass and pike on the waters of Lake Massawippi. The lake's tranquil expanse is a captivating canvas for fly fishing in the warmer weather and ice fishing in the winter.

Lake Massawippi and its surrounding areas are protected by various conservation initiatives. The Massawippi ConservationTrust works to preserve the lake's ecosystem, maintain water quality, and protect the natural habitats and biodiversity of the region.

A wooden dock on the lake

Crystal-clear waters and hidden coves

Stretching over 18 kilometres, Lake Massawippi is adorned with wild forests and charming waterfront cottages. The melodious ripples of the water create a peaceful atmosphere, while the majestic Mont Orford watches over the landscape. Savour the panoramic vistas and feel the cool breeze against your skin.

A magnificent landscape with a lake and forests
Lakes & Rivers

From wild lakes to peaceful streams

With a rich network of waterways, the Eastern Townships boasts a diverse tapestry of scenic beauty. Whether you're kayaking on a lake or casting your fishing line in the streams, the region offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. 

A beach with a little house and chairs
The Beach

Lakeside relaxation

Our private beach, affectionately named Beaver Beach, is located at the mouth of a small stream. The enclave exudes an air of intimacy and boasts a quaint boat house, sandy and rocky shores, and a wooden dock that extends into the water, acting as the perfect location for wildlife spotting.

A man ice-fishing on the lake

Snowy adventures

During the winter months, ice forms over the once-warm waters, prompting an exciting shift from the traditional angling techniques of fly fishing to the exhilarating sport of ice fishing. As the estate is blanketed in light snow, skating over the frozen lake becomes a delightful pastime, filling the crisp winter air with a sense of adventure and magic.


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